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Bugsy Malone performance heralds the end of an era for Year 6 Pupils.

Our Year 6 pupils put on a performance that the audience will never forget as part of their momentous end of primary school celebrations. On Tuesday 16th July they performed their own version of the 1970’s gangster spoof classic, Bugsy Malone.

The hall was packed full of parents, guardians, past teachers and teaching assistants ready to be wowed by the talent, and as they found out, caught in the crossfire of fierce water-fights between Fat Sam and Dandy Dan.

The evening was a celebration of the children’s many talents with everything from drum and singing solos to dance routines choreographed by the children and some impressive acting in-between. The children finished off their brilliant performance with a rendition of ‘The Willow Tree Song’ which brings the school motto ‘Learning, Laughter and Friendship’ to life, ensuring there wasn’t a dry eye in the house by the end of the night.

The evening was the result of a huge amount of effort and teamwork on both the part of children and the teachers and a true celebration of the last 7 years.

Year 6 Phase Leader, Amy Dobrashian says “The performance our amazing year 6 pupils gave was absolutely superb. They put their all into it – including ensuring the Year 6 teachers got a cream pie in the face to end the show! Thank you to every child in Year 6, your passion and determination for this play was brilliant"

Jenny who played Bugsy One commented “It has built my confidence loads and that I can achieve anything I want too.” 

Bugsy Two, Rowan said “I have enjoyed the fact that the teachers made the play fun and enjoyable as it helps us not just act the character but become it.”