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Our Staff


Head Teacher Mrs Davey
Deputy Head Teachers Mr Hughes and Mrs Daggett (SENco)
Phase Leaders Mr Ryder (FS), Miss Astin (KS1), Miss McAuley (LKS2) and 
Miss Dobrashian (UKS2)
Class Teacher
Little Oaks (Nursery) Miss Manning and Mrs Barraclough
Ash   (Reception) Mrs Williams
Chestnut  (Reception) Mrs Cowell
Beech  (Reception) Mr Ryder
Cherry  (Year 1) Miss Williams
Holly (Year 1) Miss Hewson
Hornbeam  (Year 1 and 2) Miss Stockwell
Spruce  (Year 2) Mrs Burrow and Miss Lumley
Lime  (Year 2) Miss Astin
Apple  (Year 3) Miss Duncan
Poplar  (Year 3) Miss McAuley
Hawthorn  (Year 3) Mrs Braithwaite and Mrs Smith
Maple (Year 4) Miss Earle
Cedar  (Year 4) Mrs O’Brien and Mrs Farnsworth
Larch  (Year 4) Miss Winter
Rowan  (Year 5) Miss Innes- Taylor
Sycamore  (Year 5) Miss Percy
Elm  (Year 5) Mrs Bailey and Mrs Williamson
Acer  (Year 6) Mrs Spruce
Walnut  (Year 6) Mr Strzeszewski
Silver Birch  (Year 6) Miss Dobrashian
HLTAs Mrs Sharratt, Mrs Chan and Mrs Thompson
Teaching Assistants Mrs Alcock, Mrs Almond, Miss Armstrong-Lamb, Mrs Blay, Mrs Chakraborty, Mrs Connell, Mrs Curry, Mrs Darracott, Miss Dewar, Mrs Doyle, Mrs Dunbar, Mrs Elsworth, Mrs Greenwood, Mrs Hallas, Mrs Hardy-Dawson, Miss Hardy- Dawson, Mrs Hibbard, Mrs Hird, Mrs Jones, Mrs Lamb, Mrs Lazenby, Mrs McCreanor, Mrs McPhee, Mrs Main, Mrs Mitchell, Mrs Raymond, Mrs Refson, Mrs Russell, Mrs Shermer, Mrs Smith, Miss Smith, Mrs Story, Mrs Surapaneni, Miss Tokarski, Miss Whitaker, Mrs Worton, Mrs Yeomans, Mrs Young.
Swimming Teachers Mrs Lister and Miss Tomason
Admin Team
Office Manager Mrs Hewitson
School Business Manager Mrs Mitchell
Senior Administrator Miss Hardy-Dawson
Admin Assistant Mrs Bellwood
Receptionist Mrs Johnston